Dennis Cunanan new JCI Secretary General from 2014

Dennis CunananService to the country. Service to his countrymen. Excellence in all endeavors. God above all.

Dennis Cunanan is a man of a few words, but his words, when uttered, can move the world. His life is dedicated to positive growth and change. He has achieved so much in his life—career, politics, education, service, family—but we see no signs of stopping. His mission is to help change society for the better. His vision is a better world.

Dennis Cunanan is born into a simple family in Angeles, Pampanga. He has certainly had his share of tough and trying times, but the principles his parents, Diosdado Cunanan and Amelia Lacson, had instilled in him as a child allowed him to reach greater heights not only for himself, but also for his country. This coming year will find him reaching greater heights as he has been appointed as Junior Chamber International’s newest appointed Secretary General.

During the World Congress in Taiwan last 2012, Dennis Lacson Cunanan was elected and appointed as Junior Chamber International’s Secretary General. The turnover occurred during the succeeding year and has finalized in this year’s JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dennis Cunanan admitted that his career in JCI wasn’t something that he actively sought during his younger days, but indeed it was something that he continuously excelled in, up to this date. He has dedicated much of his time, talent, and brilliance in leading and pioneering one program after another the banner of JCI. In 2005, Dennic Cunanan became the National President of JCI Philippines.

In 2008, he was elected as International Vice President assigned to Asia and the Pacific in a World Congress held in Turkey. He had also served as Chief Executive Assistant to the World President of Junior Chamber International in 2009, and further on as the World General Legal Counsel (GLC) in 2010. He was elected as the JCI World Executive Vice President for 2011 during the World Congress in Osaka, Japan.

Always an academic achiever, he graduated in elementary and in high school with honors. Moreover, he successfully made his way to University of the Philippines – Diliman, where he took up Public Administration and became a Student Regent in the Board of Regents, which is the university’s highest policy-making body. He also actively took part in UP’s Student Council as Councilor. Aside from JCI, he has also served in several public and government offices.

In August 2000, Dennis was appointed National Youth Commission’s Executive Director, directly under the Office of the President of the Philippines. Following that, in the month of July, the following year, he got appointed as well as Head Executive Assistant to the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. It was January 2004 then, when he was also appointed as Presidential Assistant for Youth Affairs. He also served as the OIC Vice Mayor of Magalang for a time. His service for the government continued when he was appointed as the Director of the Philippine Councilors’ League and Philippine Vice Mayors’ League, as well as the Secretary General of the National Movement of Young Legislators in Region III.

Aside from the above, he also headed the Technology Resource Center as Deputy Director General in December 2004. He became chair of Change Management Team for the agency’s rationalization program. As a direct result of his leadership, TRC reduced its workforce – definitely a first in bureaucracy rationalization. The impressive outcome of his work paved the way for him to be assigned as Director General for TRC in December 2009. And in July 2010, under President Benigno Aquino III’s administration, Dennis was once again appointed to assume the same position.

Dennis L. Cunanan will assume as Junior Chamber International’s Secretary General office this coming January 1, 2014.